AeroQuest Technologies, Inc.

AeroQuest Technologies is a dynamic corporation whose engineering staff has designed a number of all-composite products for the commercial and recreational vehicle industry, the housing and construction industries, the marine industry, and other industries where light-weight, impact resistant and durable structures have benefit.

AeroQuest’s Solar Roof System (Patent Pending) is a pre-fabricated residential or commercial monolithic structural insulated roof with intigrated photovoltaic solar power modules. AeroQuest’s Solar Roof System is assembled at the jobsite from several 6” thick (R-42 rated) interlocking roof panels that are typically 8 foot wide with freespan up to 60 feet long. The photovoltaic solar cell modules will generate a considerable amount of electricity; generaly, more power than the structure itself will use. When considering U.S. Federal, State and other solar power incentives, AeroQuest’s Solar Roof System may cost no more than a conventional roof without a solar power system!


AeroQuest's all-composite Commercial and Recreational Vehicle Bodies are extremely durable, highly impact resistant and provide weight savings of up to 65 percent compared to conventional construction. AeroQuest’s all-composite, fiber reinforced thermoplastic body panels are pre-fabricated and ready for rapid assembly. The AeroQuest body "panel kits” may be shipped flat-stacked up to 30 body kits per transport trailer.

AeroQuest’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's) are used in the design of The World Home and other composite structures. The design will allow pre-fabricated all-composite homes and buildings to be produced that will exhibit tremendous improvements over existing pre-fabricated structures by using a “monolithic” design, low cost automated manufacturing process and pre-fabricated, “easy to assemble,” on-site construction.

Most products designed by AeroQuest are patented or patent pending. All products designed by AeroQuest are partially or fully recyclable. AeroQuest is committed to the development of products that will help reduce green-house emissions and lower dependency for fossil fuel while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. As a result of this exciting new technology, AeroQuest has won the prestigious "Innovation Award for Outstanding New Technology".

AeroQuest should be …Shaping Your Future!